About the company

Goods Traders was established in Germany and is currently engaged in the commodity trading markets in Europe. At present Goods Traders focuses mainly on the distribution of winter salt on the markets of Western Europe, in addition to, offering a wide variety of products including road salt, timber, firewood, charcoal and various kinds of pellets. Our company has received high praise for offering a high quality of services, as well as being, a very well organised logistic facility. Our cooperate structure as it stands presently has reliable partners and interests in raw materials that are purchased at licensed mining and manufacturing centres in Poland and Ukraine. We deliver ordered commodities efficiently and on time to customers all year round including during heavy winters.

The fact that we have thrived and established ourself in the demanding German commodities market is proof of Goods Traders’ reliability and trustworthiness. Presently, some of our top accounts are internationally recognized firms, including but not limited to, Sama, Bluebox, Transbiel, CK MineralienKontor and Hardwig S.A.. We are leading the field and helping to break ground and establish a more reasonably structured economy in Poland, which would in effect, bridge the East/West divide. The company’s mission is to develop business cooperation between these areas. Some of our key business partners are companies operating in Ukraine, which is an emerging market that has been growing rapidly on the charts, and as such, Goods Traders intends to participate in the development of business in this region.

The company’s perspective approach is identifiable not only in its selection of partners, but also products and means of transportation. Raw materials such as pellets or charcoal are considered to be the ecological fuel of the future, destined to dominate also the Polish market. We make sure to use sustainable means of transportation and opt for not only road transport, but also the railway system, which can be accessed at the transfer post in Staszów and permits us to use the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line which is a natural continuity of the broad gauge railway system commonly used in the former USSR, including Ukraine.